As therapist we are bound by strict Codes of Conduct and Ethics in relation to confidentiality. Under no circumstances will we ever breach your confidentiality without your consent.  The only exception to this is if there is a serious issue of risk to the Child or Young Person or someone else. Confidentiality will be discussed in more depth at our first meeting.

At JustBe we begin by having an initial meeting to allow time to explore why you are thinking of starting therapy, whether continued therapy would be appropriate to you or your child’s needs, and whether you wish to continue. You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations of the initial meeting and we will be happy to talk through your wishes at any time.

If you give 24 hours notice you will not be charged for missed or cancelled sessions.  We will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible if we are unable to keep an appointment and no fee will be charged.

Referrals are accepted from private individuals, schools, and health services, statutory and voluntary agencies throughout the Sussex area.

Regular supervision is a requirement for all therapists, this involves the therapist talking about their clients with a suitably trained and experienced person, in a confidential setting who is also bound by the rules of confidentiality. This ensures that clients’ needs are being addressed and that the therapy they receive is as effective as possible. Only first name or initials will be used so that the Child or Young person will not be identified.

We then offer a 6 week assessment period of working and a review after this to discuss further recommendations.

JustBe Therapy Services provide a safe environment which will include a mutually agreed understanding of confidentiality, trust and respect.

The Sessions

The focus is on the individual’s expression of themselves through talking, playing and creating. I use a range of techniques in my work , which can include; sand tray, paint/pens and other art materials, clay and play-dough, masks and puppets, music and movement, role play and storytelling/books, art, drama and music.

The Sessions are 50 Minutes and generally once a week but the frequency can vary depending on your needs.